Sanction Without Hearing By Student Disciplinary Committee

In the event that a student wishes to waive the right to a hearing before the Student Disciplinary Committee, he/she must submit a written admission of guilt to the Director of Student Services. The Director of Student Services will then accept jurisdiction of the case. Once a student has been informed of his/her rights and has knowingly and voluntarily accepted in writing the authority of the Director of Student Services to recommend the penalty, the student shall have waived the right to request a hearing before the Student Disciplinary Committee. If the Director of Student Services determines that a violation has occurred, he/she will recommend sanction(s) to be issued to the student to the Dean of Students for approval. By waiving the right to a student disciplinary hearing, the student does not waive his/her right to due process. Should the student choose to appeal the sanction imposed based on waiver of a student disciplinary hearing the student must appeal to the Appeals Board.