Procedure For Approval Of Extracurricular And/or Fundraising Activities

All extracurricular and/or fundraising activities for student organizations and clubs must be supervised by the faculty/staff sponsor(s). The following procedures are required in order to receive approval of activities other than on-campus, regularly scheduled meetings and fundraising activities:

  • At least two weeks prior to the activity submit a Request to Conduct an Extracurricular and/or Fundraising Activity Form to the Director of Student Services.
  • The Director of Student Services will forward the request to the Dean of Students for review.
  • For fundraising activities, the President must approve.
  • After the review of the request by the Dean of Students, the Director of Student Services will make notification of the approval or disapproval with the reasons stated to the requester no later than five (5) days after receipt of the request.

The decision of the Dean of Students is final.