Placement Testing Policy


All entering students who enroll in associate degree or certificate programs will be assessed at the appropriate level as indicated by the assessment results.

The following students are exempt from the placement test:

  • Any student with acceptable ACT scores, final high school GPA and/or course grades, within five years of enrollment. However, students who wish to improve their course placement may take the state placement test;
  • Any student who has an associate degree or higher;
  • Any student who transfers degree-creditable, college-level English or mathematics courses with a grade of ā€œCā€ or better from an accredited institution;
  • Any student who has successfully completed required developmental coursework at another Alabama Community College System college or an accredited college. Course descriptions from institutions outside of the Alabama Community College System must be reviewed;
  • Any student who scores 165 or higher on the Mathematical Reasoning or Reasoning Through Language Arts subject tests of the 2014 series GED;
  • Any transient student with documentation;
  • Any student who is enrolling for personal enrichment purposes only;
  • Any student who is enrolling in short term certificate programs having no English, Reading, or Math requirements.