Upon successful completion of NUR 120, students will be awarded 13 hours of non-traditional credit.

Admission Criteria

1. Unconditional admission to the college (Application must be updated if student did not attend BSCC the previous semester.)

2. Original transcripts from all colleges attended must be in the Office of Student Services by the nursing application deadline. Unlike routine college admission, the nursing department does not allow one semester to receive transcripts. Transcripts must be sent by the institution directly to the BSCC Central Records Office.

3. Official documentation of military transcript will be reviewed by the admission committee.

4. A complete nursing application must be submitted online via the BSCC college Website.

5. A minimum of 18 ACT composite score (writing component not required), National or Residual, is required and ACT results must be attached to this application. There is no expiration date on ACT for this nursing application.

6. A minimum of 2.5 GPA is required on a 4.0 scale based on the nursing required academic core courses. The core college courses are English Composition 1, Intermediate College Algebra, Anatomy & Physiology I, Anatomy and Physiology II, Microbiology, Human Growth & Development, Speech.

7. Good standing with the College.

8. Meet and maintain essential functions for nursing.

9. Name of application is current legal name and matches copy of photo ID and name in BSCC system.

10. Possess current CPR certification; American Heart Association (AHA) at the health care provider level.

11. Admission to the Nursing program is competitive and the number of students admitted is limited by the number of faculty and clinical facilities available. Meeting minimal requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

12. Applicants will be notified in writing of admission decisions.

13. Upon conditional admission to the Nursing program, a clear background check will be required before enrollment in the Nursing program will be completed.

14. Upon admission, applicants must provide proof of three Hepatitis vaccinations or proof of starting the three Hepatitis vaccinations series, MMR vaccination IgG or positive titer, Mumps vaccination IgG or positive titer, Rubella vaccination IgG or positive titer, Varicella vaccination IgG or positive titer, current tetanus (Tdap) vaccination or positive titer, and proof of current TB testing (within six months) status. Flu vaccines will be required.

15. Upon conditional admission, applicant must provide verification of health insurance coverage, as well as, maintain their health insurance coverage throughout the nursing curriculum.

16. Upon admission, applicant must provide physical exam completed by a primary health care provider, physician, certified nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant.


Nursing Program Policies

1. Adhere to the Bevill State Conduct Code and the Code of Ethics for Professional Nurses. Nursing faculty reserves the right at any time to require the dismissal of any student whose conduct or clinical performance is regarded as unsatisfactory. In such situations, an "F” will be entered on the student’s transcript. Students receiving an "F" for this reason will not be eligible for readmission into any Health Science program. 7. The nursing faculty reserves the right to withdraw any student from the program if a clinical agency refuses to allow that student clinical experiences.

2. Function within the scope of practice as defined by the current Alabama Board of Nursing Nurse Practice Act.

3. Adhere to Nursing Program Policies.

Licensure Information

It is imperative that nursing students meet the legal, moral, and legislative standards which are utilized to determine acceptable behavior for the nurse (PN). Each prospective nursing student should be aware of the Alabama Board of Nursing’s regulations regarding the review of applicants for eligibility for initial and continuing licensure. 1. According to the Nurse Practice Act. Licenses §34-21-25(b)(1) The board may also deny, revoke, or suspend any license issued by it or otherwise discipline a licensee upon proof of any of the following regarding the licensee:

a. Is guilty of fraud or deceit in process or attempting to procure a license.

b. Has been convicted of a felony.

c. Is guilty of a crime involving moral turpitude or of gross immorality that would tend to bring reproach upon the nursing profession.

d. Is unfit or incompetent due to the use of alcohol, or is addicted to the use of habit-forming drugs to such an extent as to render him or her unsafe or unreliable as a licensee.

e. Is unable to safely practice nursing with reasonable skill and safety to patients by reason of illness, inebriation, excessive use of drugs, narcotics, alcohol, chemicals, or any other substance, or as a result of any mental or physical condition.

f. Has been convicted of any violation of a federal or state law relating to controlled substances.

g. Is guilty of unprofessional conduct of character likely to deceive, defraud, or injure the public in matters pertaining to health.

h. Has willfully or repeatedly violated this article, as defined by board rules and regulations.

Students who complete the program meet the educational qualifications of the Alabama Board of Nursing for writing the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN). However, completion of the academic program in no way assures the student of eligibility to write the exam or of licensure. The final decision for eligibility to write the NCLEX is made by the Alabama Board of Nursing after review of the candidates’ application.

Qualifications of Applicants for Licensure

Qualifications of applicants for licensure is outlined in the Alabama Board of Nursing Administrative Code 610-X-4-.02. 1. The applicant for licensure shall:

a. Be a high school graduate or the equivalent, as determined by the Board.

b. Be of good moral character. A criminal background check may be conducted by the Board at its discretion.

c. For registered nurse licensure, graduated or successfully completed all requirements for graduation from an approved registered nursing program in Alabama, or an approved registered nursing program located in another jurisdiction or territory that substantially meets the same educational criteria as Alabama programs. Licensure by equivalency does not meet the requirement.

d. For practical nurse licensure, graduated or successfully completed an approved practical nursing program in Alabama, or an approved practical nursing program located in another jurisdiction or territory that substantially meets the same educational criteria as Alabama programs. Licensure by equivalency does not meet the requirement.

2. An applicant shall provide a valid social security number prior to the Board issuing a license.

3. Be a citizen or legal resident of the United States. Individuals who are not legally present in the United States are not eligible for licensure.


For further information regarding program requirements, contact the nursing program department located on any Bevill State campus.

Degrees and Certificates