Health Sciences

The Health Science Division offers programs of student leading to the Associate in Applied Science degree in Medical Assisting Technology (MAT), and Nursing, Long-term Certificate in Practical Nursing, and Short-term Certificates in Paramedic, Emergency Medical Technician Basic, Emergency Medical Technician Advanced, Surgical Technology, Sterile Processing Technician and Medical Assisting Technology. Certificates of Completion for one semester, are offered in phlebotomy and Sterile Processing Technology. The Workforce Solutions and Economic Development Division at the College also offers a Certificate of Completion in Nursing Assistant, and Dental Assisting.

The majority of programs require that students, upon program completion, pass a test given by a licensure board in order to practice within the discipline. Students should be aware that final determination of eligibility to sit for examination is made by the licensure board after review of the candidate’s application and that Bevill State Community College has no control over the decisions of the licensure boards. Other factors may affect eligibility for licensing such as conviction of a criminal offense; conviction of a felony; drug/alcohol abuse or treatment for dependency on alcohol/illegal chemical substances; conviction of driving under the influence of drugs/alcohol and/or treatment of mental illness.

Admission to the College does not guarantee admission to a specific health science program of study, as these programs have additional requirements that must be met. Students should carefully review the specific programs of study to determine the requirements and/or the academic course prerequisites/corequisites. Also, the Health Science programs of study have specific ACT and/or Placement Test scores required for admission.

The College is committed to the health and welfare of the students enrolled in the Health Science programs of study. Therefore, various immunization and medical requirements are mandated with enrollment in a program or course. Health Science courses require students to carry health insurance, which is the responsibility of the student. Malpractice insurance is also required and will be included as a fee, payable with the student’s tuition. Health Science programs of study require drug screening, background checks, and testing fees, the costs of which are also the responsibility of the student. In addition, housing, travel, parking, and meal expenses while involved in clinical activities are the responsibility of the student.

Clinical facilities utilized by the Health Science programs require drug screening and criminal background checks declaring that the student has no positive drug screens and no criminal history. Therefore, a background check will be required prior to enrollment in the Health Science programs and drug screens will be conducted prior to assigned clinicals as well as randomly throughout student’s enrollment during assigned clinicals. The cost of the background check and drug screens related to cause will be the responsibility of the student. Background checks will be required for all new program admits (mobility, re-admits, etc.) and program transfers if background check is older than one calendar year. Violation of Health Science policies pertaining to a student’s positive drug screen and/or a positive background check will result in the student being denied admission to any Health Science program or when already enrolled, the result will be the student’s immediate dismissal from the enrolled Health Science program. A dismissal from any Health Science program for disciplinary or unsafe client care will result in a student being ineligible for readmission to any Health Science program offered at Bevill State.

Programs of study within the Health Science Division require specific essential mental and physical capabilities if the student is to be successful. Essential functions for each Health Science program of study are available on the Bevill State website (

NOTE: Bevill State’s Health Science Division makes every effort to include relevant, timely and accurate information in the Catalog. However, the Health Science Division reserves the right to make changes in the calendar, admissions policies, expenses, programs, curricula, course descriptions or any other matters addressed or not addressed in this publication. Prospective students and enrolled students should check with college admission officers and academic advisors to learn of any such changes. Also, updates are included in the online version of the Catalog. See

Emergency Medical Services Paramedic

The Paramedic Program offers several options. It is recommended that the student consult the EMS faculty for advising regarding the different options.

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Medical Assisting Technology

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