Grading Scale

A Excellent (90-100)
B Good (80-89)
C Average (70-79)
D Passing (60-69)
F Failure (Below 60)
I Incomplete
IP In Progress
W Withdrawn Prior to Midterm
WP Withdrawn Passing
WF Withdrawn Failing
AU Audit
S Satisfactory
U Unsatisfactory

A grade of “I” (Incomplete) is assigned when the quality of work has been passing, but the student has been prevented by illness or other justifiable cause from completing the required work, or from taking the final examination. If the cause is personal illness, the student must present a statement signed by the attending physician. A grade of “Incomplete” is calculated into the Grade Point Average (GPA) as an “F.” The “I” must be cleared before the end of the following term or it will be changed to an “F.” A student does not have to register for the course again in order to remove an incomplete grade. A grade of “W” (WITHDRAWN) is assigned without academic penalty when the student withdraws from class prior to midterm. A grade of “WP” (WITHDRAWN PASSING) is assigned without academic penalty when a student withdraws after the midterm and has maintained a passing grade. A grade of “WF” (WITHDRAWN FAILING) is assigned with academic penalty when the student withdraws after midterm and has not earned a passing grade. When a student must withdraw due to circumstances beyond his/her control, the student may appeal to the instructor for consideration of a grade other than “WF.”