Student Disciplinary Committee Composition And Responsibility

  • The Campus Student Disciplinary Committee shall have the dual function of safeguarding the rights of students and maintaining a climate of integrity and safety for all members of the College community.
  • The Committee shall consist of two (2) faculty members, one (1) professional staff member, one (1) support staff member and one (1) student. The Dean of Students shall serve as the chairperson for each campus Student Disciplinary Committee.
  • The Dean of Students shall appoint the Student Disciplinary Committee. The faculty and staff members shall serve a term of two years. Each year one faculty member and one staff member shall rotate off of the Committee and the Dean of Students will appoint a replacement for the two (2) vacant seats on the Committee. A student officer from a campus student organization shall be appointed annually to serve a term of one year on the Student Disciplinary Committee. Committee substitutions may be necessary if a conflict arises in scheduling hearings in a timely manner.
  • The Chairperson will preside over all hearings and serve as a non-voting member of the committee. Any Committee member who has any personal interest or special information concerning a particular case should recuse themselves from that case.
  • The Committee shall maintain an adequate record of the history and disposition of each case. The Director of Student Services’ designee shall attend all Student Disciplinary Hearings and keep a written record of the proceedings. The Chairperson shall maintain the written record of the hearing and the decision. The record shall include a summary of the evidence upon which the Committee based its decision. At the conclusion of each hearing the Chairperson will turn over notes and records from the proceeding to the Director of Student Services to be retained for five years after the disposition of all cases.