Social Media Policy

It shall be the policy of Bevill State Community College to use social media to educate, inform, and collaborate with its students, staff, faculty, stakeholders, and members of the communities it serves. Bevill State expects its employees and students to be honest, respectful, and transparent in their social media communication as they would be in person and to respect privacy, confidentiality, and copyright laws. Posted content on the college’s social media sites should always be accurate, concise, student-oriented, sensitive to diverse audiences, and respectful of the college and its constituents. Individuals engaging in and communicating through official Bevill State social media outlets mustagree to respect the terms of the College’s social media policy and must understand that Bevill State officials have the right to remove any content that is deemed offensive, profane, inappropriate, of a threatening nature, or can be construed as a defamation of character. Bevill State reserves the right to block any individual who violates these guidelines. Bevill State is not responsible for posts or comments made by visitors using its social media outlets. Abusive content posted by visitors to Bevill State’s social media outlets should be reported to the Public Relations Office immediately. Concerns about any content posted on any official social media outlet of the College should also be reported to the Public Relations Office.

Because technology and terms associated with social media change and evolve continuously, this policy may be updated with additional guidelines related to the management and implantation of the College’s social media efforts as needed. Such changes will be published as quickly as possible.

Employee Guidance for Institutional Social Media Bevill State Community College employees should understand that all postings through the College’s social media are public and are expected to follow acceptable behavior and comply with Alabama law, Alabama Community College System policies, and policies outlined in the Bevill State Employee Handbook. The Bevill State Community College Public Relations Department is the primary administrator for the College’s official website and social media outlets. Those who wish to contribute information, make suggestions for content, or request administration roles for the College’s social media, should contact the Director of Public Relations. Anyone wishing to develop a social media presence representing the College should contact the Public Relations Department with these requests. The Public Relations Department will approve requests for specific social media accounts. Once approved, anyone requesting the social media account shall become responsible for its content development and future updates in accordance with the standards indicated by these guidelines. Approved social media pages should directly relate to College business, programs, and/or services and contain content that does not express individual opinions or causes which are not directly related to College business. Developing links with the College’s official social media pages are encouraged.