Opportunities for Participation and Student Organizations

All students are encouraged to contribute to the decision-making process of the College. They should voice their comments and suggestions through student organizations and follow the chain of command within those organizations. Student organizations and activities give the student body an opportunity to make positive contributions to both the community and the institution. Student organizations are open to admitted, degree-seeking students. Participation in specific organizations is open to those who qualify for membership.

A recognized student organization must sponsor extracurricular activities.  The sponsor/advisor for the host organization must be present at each function.  College facilities are made available to organizations for such activities when possible.  Request forms for extracurricular activities may be obtained from the Office of Student Services.  Approval for activities should follow established College procedures (see Procedures for Approval of Extracurricular and/or Fundraising Activities).  Any student who brings a guest or visitor to the campus or any College sponsored activity is responsible for the conduct of the guest or visitor.