Identification Cards

All Bevill State Community College students are required to obtain an official ID card that displays the student’s photograph. ID cards are issued to all students and are valid for two years. The card is required for using the library, receiving financial aid, and utilizing the services and activities at the College. A student may receive discounts from certain local businesses when his/her ID card is presented at the time of purchase. Advertised days will be posted for making IDs. A student who uses the ID card in an illegal manner will be subject to disciplinary action. The following regulations apply to the ID card:

  • Students are to carry their cards at all times and present them for identification when requested by College officials. Student ID cards are made for student use only. Students may be required to present their current ID in order to use the services and activities in the Student Center/Bear’s Den.
  • Loss or theft of cards should be reported to the campus Director of Student Services.

NOTE: Replacement cost is $5.00.