General Guidelines For Employees And Students

You are adhering to the copyright law if:

  • you are the copyright owner;
  • you have express written permission;
  • the material is in the public domain; or
  • the Fair Use clause applies to the material.

The following examples are intended to aid in implementing the Copyright Policy:

  • Journal articles may be scanned and placed on Web sites as long as course access is limited to the students currently enrolled in the class.
  • Presentations using copyrighted photographs and music may be used in an online presentation without permission as long as access is restricted to the students enrolled in the class.
  • A book chapter may be added to a library reserve or online course as long as access is limited to students enrolled. The chapter must be removed at the end of the semester.
  • Books may not be copied for students. Only one library reserve copy of the textbook is allowed for students. More than one would be an infringement on the marketing ability of the copyright holder.