Formation Of New Organizations, Chartering Procedures, And Continued Recognition

Any group wishing to form a student organization recognized by the College must submit a written request to the Dean of Students. The Dean of Students will present this request to the President’s Cabinet for approval and then notify the group of the decision. At the appropriate time, a constitution containing the following information must be presented to the Dean of Students for approval:

  • The name of the organization;
  • The statement of purpose of the organization;
  • Membership eligibility requirements;
  • A list of participating students;
  • A listing of officers by title and duties and any special function of the offices;
  • A statement of the length of semesters of the officers and the time and method of election;
  • A statement of when, where, and how often meetings will be held;
  • A statement of membership dues, including amount and frequency of payment, and provision for disposition of any funds in the event of dissolution of the organization;
  • A provision for club advisors and name of club advisor. Advisor must have been employed at least one year at Bevill State and  complete approval procedures; and
  • A statement of any national, state, or regional affiliation with a copy of this affiliation’s constitution attached.

Temporary Recognition

Temporary recognition may be given to organizations upon submission of a constitution containing the above listed requirements, permitting the organizations to function for not more than one semester pending official charter approval.

Review & Approval

Three typed copies of the proposed constitution must be submitted to the Dean of Students for suggestions, recommendations, and approval. In the event that recognition is withheld, appeal may be made to the President of the College. During the time that its application for recognition is being considered, or an appeal is being made, a group may not sponsor speakers or activities in the name of the proposed organization. The Dean of Students must also approve any change or amendment affecting the nature or purpose of the organization as originally approved, and an up-to-date copy of the constitution must be on file in the Dean of Student’s office.