Drug And Alcohol Abuse Prevention Policy

Bevill State complies with the regulations and initiatives as prescribed by federal regulations in the Anti-Drug Abuse Act of 1988. The College is strongly committed to providing a drug-free learning and working environment.

It is the policy of Bevill State Community College that, during the month of September of each academic year, information reported in compliance with the Drug-Free Workplace Act shall be made available to students and employees of Bevill State. Programs on drug and alcohol abuse prevention are offered for students the 3rd week of October each year during National Collegiate Alcohol Awareness Week. It is further the policy of Bevill State that annually, the Dean of Students and Directors of Student Services review the College’s Drug and Alcohol Abuse Prevention Program and shall:

1.  Determine the effectiveness of its program and report to the President any revisions needed by the program to make it more effective;

2.  Ensure that the standards of conduct described in Part II hereof are fairly and consistently enforced; and

3.  Submit any findings and/or recommendations.

The President shall implement, effective the ensuing September, any of the Committee’s recommended revisions deemed appropriate and reasonable.