Credit By Challenge Examination

Challenge examinations are administered prior to the last day of the add/drop period. To receive credit by challenge examination, students must score a "C" or above on the examination. Certain types of performance courses, such as English Composition I and II and Fundamentals of Public Speaking are not eligible for challenge credit. To obtain credit by challenge examination, the following procedures must be observed:

  • Students receiving financial assistance must obtain approval from the Office of Student Services prior to challenging the course(s).
  • Students should obtain approval from the instructor to challenge the class by examination and enroll in the course. Students are not allowed to challenge a course that has been attempted unsuccessfully.
  • Instructors must obtain a Request for Credit by Challenge Examination Form from the Division Chairperson or Office of Student Services.
  • The instructor should administer the exam prior to the last day of the add/drop period. If the student is successful, the instructor will submit a completed Request for Credit by Challenge Examination Form to the Director of Student Services. If the student is unsuccessful in passing the challenge exam, he or she should remain in the class to complete the necessary coursework to pass the course.
  • Students may then add another course; however, if the additional course results in a load of more than 19 credit hours, the student should submit to the Director of Student Services the Schedule Change/Withdrawal Form for approval, along with Request for Credit by Challenge Examination Form.
  • The Dean of Students or designee should sign the form and provide copies for the student, Central Financial Aid, and the instructor administering the examination.
  • Quality points will be awarded for credit received by challenge examination. Credits received from successful completion of the challenge examination cannot be counted toward the student’s enrollment status for Title IV financial assistance.