Club Sponsors/Advisors: Eligibility And Role

All student organizations must have a qualified club sponsor/advisor approved by the appropriate Director of Student Services, who will work in concert with the Dean of Students in making selections. Rotation of advisors takes place at the end of each summer semester when possible. Persons with special talents needed for a particular club are given preference. In making the selections, every attempt is made to give all potential sponsors/advisors the opportunity to work with an organization. Preference is given to those who have not served in this capacity in the past. A faculty member who agrees to serve as a club sponsor/advisor accepts responsibility for encouraging the organization in its purpose and activities within the limits of College policy and the goals and objectives of the organization as set forth in the statement of purpose and constitution. Sponsors/advisors are responsible for being familiar with and operating within the following: this policy and other College regulations pertaining to student organizations, activities, and speakers; the constitution and purposes of the student organization they are sponsoring/advising; the activities and the projects of their organizations. No meeting is authorized or recognized unless attended by the sponsor/advisor or a substitute duly approved by the Director of Student Services. The proceedings of meetings held with a substitute must be reviewed by the sponsor/advisor. Speakers, special programs and activities, and program topics sponsored by the student organizations must have the formal approval of the club sponsor/advisor, the Director of Student Services, and the Dean of Students.