Challenging The Contents Of The Record

Bevill State Community College will respond to any reasonable request for an explanation or interpretation of any item in a student’s file. Requests for such explanation or interpretation should be addressed by presenting a written request to the Dean of Students. If, after inspecting a record, a student believes that information contained in the educational record is inaccurate or misleading or violates his/her privacy, the student may present a written request that the record be amended to the Dean of Students. A request for record amendment shall be answered by the Dean of Students within fifteen days of its receipt with information that the record has been amended as requested, or that the record has not been amended, and that the student has the right to a hearing on the matter. A written request for a hearing should be addressed to the Dean of Students, who will set the date and time for the hearing with reasonable notice of same to the student within 45 days of receiving the request. The request for a hearing should identify the item or items in the file to be challenged and state the grounds for the challenge, e.g., inaccuracy, misleading nature, or inappropriateness. The Dean of Students shall examine the contested item with the Director of Student Services, hear the person responsible for placing the item in the file, if appropriate, and examine any documents or hear any testimony the student wishes to present. The Dean of Students may decide that the item should be retained or that it should be deleted/altered. There may be a decision that the material is accurate and appropriate but that the student should be allowed to place a written explanation in the file. If the decision is adverse to the student, the notice of decision shall include a statement that he/she has the right to place a statement in the record, commenting on the information and/or setting forth reasons for disagreeing with the decision. The Dean of Students shall issue a final written decision within ten working days of the conclusion of the hearing.