Acceptable Uses

  • Education, research, and completion of assigned activities.
  • Communication and exchange for professional purposes, to maintain currency, or to debate issues in a field or subfield of knowledge.
  • Use for disciplinary-society, university-association, government-advisory, or standards activities related to the user’s research, professional development and/or instructional activities.
  • Use in applying for or administering grants or contracts for research or instruction, but not for other fund raising activities.
  • Any other administrative communications or activities in direct support of research and instruction.
  • Announcements of new products or services for use in research or instruction, but not advertising of any kind.
  • Communication incidental to otherwise acceptable use, except for illegal or specifically unacceptable use.
  • When the user obtains access to other networks through Bevill State Community College Internet access, he or she must comply with the rules appropriate for that network. The entire burden of complying with such laws and regulations rests with the user.