Co-Enrollment Eligibility for Adult Education Students

Co-Enrollment is an opportunity for adult education students to enroll in both adult education classes and specific Career Technical Education courses (CTE) at Bevill State Community College. Through Co-Enrollment, students can apply for and receive Pell Grant funding before achieving a high school equivalency credential.


  •  Student must be enrolled in adult education classes.
    (Minimum 12 hours attendance)
  • Student must score a level 5 or 6 on the TABE assessment in all three subjects.
    (Reading, Math, and Language)
  • Student must take the ACCUPLACER assessment and meet the minimum scores for Co-Enrollment and college placement.
  • Student must meet with a Co-Enrollment Representative to assist with financial aid and college admissions requirements.
  • Student must choose approved courses from one of the following Co-Enrollment Programs:
    • Air Conditioning & Refrigeration
    • Modern Manufacturing
    • Machine Tool Technology
    • Salon & Spa Management
    • Vehicle Technology & Repair
    • Welding Technology
  • Once the student fulfills all requirements above and is accepted as a Co-Enrollment student, to remain eligible:
    • Student must complete a minimum of 20 hours of instruction in adult education each semester.
  • The student will exit Co-Enrollment once he/she obtains a GED or Non-Traditional High School Diploma.