Phlebotomy (MLT)

Non-collegiate Award

Laboratory Phlebotomy courses are designed to train individuals to properly collect and handle blood specimens for laboratory testing and to interact with health care personnel, patients, and the general public. The courses are designed to prepare individuals to write the Clinical Laboratory Phlebotomist Examination.

Admission Requirements

Applicants must possess a GED or high school diploma and complete all general application requirements. Students must be admitted to the College. Prior to clinical placement the student must show proof of hospitalization insurance.

  1. Clinical agencies/facilities require the College to provide evidence that student participants are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Students will be required, at their own expense, to have an initial drug screen at a time and place determined by the faculty prior to entering clinicals. In addition, random drug screens may be conducted throughout the curriculum. If a drug screen is positive, the student may be immediately dismissed from the program. Also, if there is reasonable cause to believe a student is in violation of the institutional conduct code, such as observable changes in behavior, performance, appearance or speech, the student will be dismissed from the program immediately.
  2. Faculty reserves the right to require, at any time, proof of a student’s physical, mental, and/or emotional health. The faculty may require students to receive, at the student’s expense, counseling and/or medical treatment in order to continue in the program. If treatment is required, the student must provide documentation from the attending physician/primary healthcare provider of the student’s ability to perform skills effectively.

  3. A student who is hospitalized/treated for any existing health problem which may physically or emotionally impair their ability to provide safe and competent client care, must submit a statement from the physician/primary healthcare provider indicating ability to continue in clinicals and/or the program.

  4. A completed health form is required. In addition, students must comply with any additional health requirements of clinical agencies.

  5. All students must provide verification of health insurance coverage and maintain this health insurance coverage throughout the program of study.

  6. Certain clinical facilities utilized by the Phlebotomy program require criminal background checks declaring that the student has no criminal history. Therefore, a background check will be required prior to enrollment in the program. The cost of the background check will be the responsibility of the student. Issues pertaining to a student’s positive background check may result in the student being denied admission to the Phlebotomy program.

  7. Documentation validating recent Tb skin test & HepB immunization must be submitted to the course instructor prior to placement in assigned clinical. In addition, students must comply with any additional health requirements of clinical agencies.

  8. Upon completion of the course of study, students will be eligible but not required to take the ASPT certification exam.

  9. Tuition is not covered by Federal Pell Grant, but may be covered by the G.I. Bill, Vocational Rehabilitation or a GED tuition waiver.

  10. A primary health care provider must sign that the applicant meets the essential functions.

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